DPD and MetroLEC Host Multi-Agency Scenario Training

For immediate release:

DOVER, MA – On Wednesday, April 18, 2012, the Dover Police Department and Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council (MetroLEC) hosted a multi-agency scenario training event at the Dover Sherborn Regional Schools complex, in Dover.

This training event covered various situations that a tactical response team might encounter in a school setting, including possible active shooters, hostage situations and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). These exercises took place across the property, both in and around school buildings, with the aid of roll players, to help prepare teams. Logistics, communication, and training issues are identified and addressed at each stage, and incorporated into team procedures and future trainings.

“We had a tremendous turnout, where well over one hundred law enforcement officers from across Massachusetts worked together on simulated training exercises,” said Dover Police Chief Peter A. McGowan. “Through events like these officers practice response to large scale events. Many details are worked out at events like these, so that when a response is necessary, each member team can seamlessly respond to a city or town and fit smoothly into an ongoing operation.”

The involved agencies included MetroLEC, SEMLEC (South Eastern Mass), NEMLEC (North Eastern Mass), Cape Cod Regional Swat, Cambridge SWAT, and the Plymouth County and Middlesex County Sheriff’s Departments, which together represent over 175 member communities in Eastern Massachusetts.

“We are grateful for the cooperation of the D-S School District, allowing us full access to the Middle School/ High School Campus, and for the students who volunteered to act as role players for some of the events,” McGowan added.

The Patrol Division of the Dover Police Department held their own scenario training at the Chickering Elementary School, in Dover, on Tuesday. Since patrol officers are the first group on scene, this training covered initial response techniques to similar incidents, and actions to take before these tactical response teams arrive.

Photographs from both events can be found in the Photos section of the Department website.

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