DPD ranked Top 10 in US Law Enforcement Agencies For Twitter Followers

For immediate release:

DOVER, MA – The Dover Police Department is pleased to announce that it has been ranked Top 10 in U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies with the Most Twitter Followers for departments of 16-25 officers.

“Just a couple of years ago, the Board of Selectmen charged me with expanding the department’s reach, and to explore new avenues of getting information out to the general public,” said Chief Peter McGowan. “I brought this challenge back to the officers, and we embarked on a campaign of social media interaction to utilize available platforms to get our message out.”

Using Facebook, Twitter, and the MyPD app, the Dover Police Department began broadcasting items of information of both public safety and general interest. On a regular basis, postings include instant information, such as crashes or road closures; items of general interest, such as events around town and beyond by or with Dover Police; updates on local and regional and national police matters; and other information that we feel is important to members of the public.

The rankings, put out by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), ranks departments by overall followers on each department’s official account each quarter. The rankings are posted at http://www.iacpsocialmedia.org/Directory/AgencyTwitterStatistics.aspx

To become one of our over 2,100 followers, follow us on Twitter @dovermapd and on Facebook at facebook.com/dovermapd

You may also download the MyPD app to your smartphone or tablet in the Android and Apple app stores.


Media inquiries may be directed to DPD Media Services. Please do not contact the Emergency Communications Center directly on this matter.