Resisting Agression Defensively Kids

radKids Teaches Kids The Skills They Need to Protect Themselves

The Resisting Aggression Defensively KIDS program is the largest child safety program of its kind in the nation and is providing children ages 5 – 12 with hope, options, and practical skills to RECOGNIZEAVOID, and, if necessary, ESCAPE violence and abuse. Our advanced curriculum, based on accelerated learning theories, provides realistic safety plans and options enabling children to escape dangerous situations. Unlike many programs that show videos or tell children what to do, radKIDS actually shares plans and strategies, while practicing realistic physical skills to escape violence.

Through radKIDS training, children become empowered, learning to replace the fear, confusion, and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills and self-esteem.
Through this hands-on educational program the lives of children are being saved.

This course has an 8-10 hour curriculum with the following topics:

  • Home, School, Vehicle and Out & About Safety
  • Predator Tricks (including physical resistance strategies against abduction)
  • Internet Safety
  • Good, Bad, and Uncomfortable Touch
  • Bullying Prevention

Through radKIDS training, children become empowered and learn to replace the fear, confusion and panic of dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills, and self-esteem.
Children are taught to be prepared- learning through seeing, hearing and then doing.

Please contact our certified radKIDS instructor, Officer Nicole Bratcher at 508-785-1130 or by email with any questions or inquiries.