DPD Sgt Wilcox Graduates from FBI National Academy

For immediate release:

DOVER, MA – The 247th session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (FBI NA) graduated on Friday, December 16, 2011. Among the 267 program graduates was Dover Police Sergeant Todd V. Wilcox. These graduates represented law enforcement agencies from 49 states and the District of Columbia, 25 countries and four branches of the military.

“I am quite proud that Sgt Wilcox was selected for this prestigious opportunity, and even more pleased that he graduated with such high marks,” commended Chief Peter A. McGowan, a 2007 graduate of the FBI NA program. McGowan dubbed it “the most elite police school in the world,” as less than one percent of all those in law enforcement are given the opportunity to participate.

A 10 week program in Quantico, VA, the FBI NA is known for its academic excellence in advanced investigative, management and fitness training. According to the FBI, their mission is “to support, promote and enhance the personal and professional development of law enforcement leaders by preparing them for complex, dynamic and contemporary challenges through innovative techniques, facilitating excellence in education and research, and forging partnerships throughout the world.” Aside from travel expenses, the program costs were borne by the FBI.

Sgt Wilcox, an 16 year veteran of the Dover Police Department, had been waiting to be selected since he applied to the program 3 years ago. In addition to the program’s physical fitness regimen, Sgt Wilcox focused his studies on leadership, legal issues, terrorism, photography and forensics, earning him graduate credits from the University of Virginia.

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