Katherine M. Kolodziejczyk Appointed As Special Officer

For immediate release:

DOVER, MA – At their scheduled meeting on Thursday, August 13, 2015, the Town of Dover Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to appoint Katherine M. Kolodziejczyk to the part time position of Special Officer with the Town of Dover Police Department.

Kolodziejczyk grew up in Norton and is a graduate of Curry College with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. She currently works as a campus police officer at Dean College in Franklin, MA, as well as a part time officer of the Mansfield Police Department.

“Ms Kolodziejczyk’s excellent professional record, coupled with her focus on training makes her an excellent fit for our department, where professional development is a continuing priority,” said Chief Peter A. McGowan.

Prior to applying to the department, candidates for Special Officer must have completed a 318 hour Reserve Police Academy, hold an associate’s degree or equivalent credits in any discipline, a valid driver’s license and CPR certification. Candidates that meet the initial requirements are subjected to an interview panel comprised of both residents and officers, as well as an intensive background investigation. Ultimately the Chief selects one candidate who he recommends for employment.

After completing a Field Training program, Special Officers work weekend shifts on patrol and attend regular training. They hold the same arrest powers as regular Dover Police Officers, and will be considered for future full time employment openings.


Media inquiries may be directed to DPD Media Services. Please do not contact the Emergency Communications Center directly on this matter.

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