Turtle Lane Access to Elm Bank Inquiry

For immediate release:

DOVER, MA – Several inquiries have been made to the Dover Police Department regarding signage on Turtle Ln. The sign in question reads “Turn Back! No Vehicles of Any Type. No Pedestrians, No Runners, No Bicycles, No Animals, No Motorcycles.” Turtle Ln is a private way, and this sign is private property. The road is not maintained by the Town of Dover and the sign is not DOT signage from the Dover Highway Department.

After a lengthy court battle between the residents of Turtle Lane and Mass DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation), who actually owns the Elm Bank Reservation, a decision was handed down that states that access from Turtle Lane to Elm Bank is for emergency vehicles and/or emergency circumstances.

Around the time Chief Peter A. McGowan took command of the Dover Police Department in 2011, this issue again flared up. He conversed directly the DCR’s attorney who stated that in his opinion and in the opinion of others, that the ruling is to be interpreted that all traffic (car, pedestrian, bicycle, etc) is barred from using Turtle Lane as a cut through, and instead are directed to the Route 16/ Washington St, Wellesley entrance at Cheney Dr.


Media inquiries may be directed to your DPD Media Services contact. Please do not contact the Communications Center directly on this matter.

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