Halloween Safety Tips

For immediate release:

DOVER, MA – The Dover Police Department will be out across town assisting with traffic and safety for Trick or Treat 2015. We encourage adult supervision and offer several tips to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween. Children should walk carefully, wear light colored clothing and carry a flashlight.  Please avoid any houses or neighborhoods that do not have their front light on, and be aware of any obstacles in the roadway.

Remember: if you see something, say something. Report unsafe or suspicious activity at 508-785-1130. In the event of any Police, Fire or Medical emergency, dial 9-1-1

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Additional Tips:


  • When possible, Walk on sidewalks, not in the street.
  • Look both ways before crossing streets.
  • Cross streets only at corners.
  • Don’t cross streets between parked cars.
  • Plan your route, tell your parents. Have an adult go with you.
  • Carry a flashlight to light your way.
  • Visit homes that have the porch light on.
  • Accept your treats at the door & NEVER go into a strangers house.
  • Be very cautious of animals & strangers.
  • Keep away from open fires & burning candles.
  • Do not eat candy if the package is already opened.
  • Have a grown-up inspect your treats before eating them.
  • Respect your neighbor’s property, don’t cut across lawns or yards. Also, lawns & yards have hazards.
  • Always stay in familiar neighborhoods.


  • Ideally, young children of any age should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Most injuries to children on Halloween are the result of falls, burns and motor vehicle accidents.
  • Face paint is safer than loose fitting masks, which can block vision. Masks if used, should fit securely and have wide-enough eye holes.
  • Have a session with youngsters about traffic safety: stop at corners, look both ways, cross only at intersections, never dart out between parked cars.
  • Costumes should be short enough to avoid tripping.
  • For fire safety, avoid flimsy, baggy or billowing garments.
  • Light-colored costumes are more visible at night. Strips of reflective tape will help.
  • Secure hats so they don’t slip over children’s eyes.
  • Knives, swords and other props should be soft and flexible, in case of a fall.
  • Make sure someone in the group carries a flashlight, to see and be seen.
  • Yards & lawns have hidden hazards at night (hoses, tools, lawn ornaments, clotheslines).
  • Although tampering is rare, tell children to bring treats home for inspection, before eating.
  • Make sure your child eats dinner before setting-out.
  • Children should carry a cell phone, if possible, so they can call home.
  • Set a reasonable time for children to return home.


Media inquiries may be directed to DPD Media Services. Please do not contact the Emergency Communications Center directly on this matter.

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